A Blue Note on Prostate Cancer Awareness and Black History Month Celebration

10/26/20232 min read

'Love Ya Prostate!'

Step into the vibrant world of Mon0lisa Productions and Orchid Cancer Appeal's recent event, where the iconic Patty Dumplin, adorned in striking blue, joined forces with Champion volunteers to spotlight the critical issue of prostate cancer and commemorate Black History Month.

Film, Fun, and Insight:

Over 30 attendees, including many Champion volunteers from the Windrush generation, gathered at the New Art Exchange for an evening of impactful films produced by Orchid. The event took a special turn as Champions reminisced about their first impressions arriving in England as children, adding a profound layer to the celebration of Black History Month. Champion volunteers, clad in Orchid blue, facilitated open conversations about prostate cancer, leaving attendees not only entertained but also educated.

Patty Dumplin's Musical Message:

Patty Dumplin and the Champions unveiled a new song set to the beats of the Jamaican riddim, 'The Real Rock Riddim.' With a nod to the past and a vision for the future, the song aims to encourage conversations and raise awareness about prostate cancer.

Support and Recognition:

Supported by 'Unite the Union,' the event was part of a nationwide initiative, 'Overcoming the Barriers to Engaging with Prostate Cancer,' spanning 10 cities. Attendees praised Patty Dumplin's approach for making the serious topic approachable and educational.

Attendees, touched by the personal narratives shared by the Windrush generation Champions, left with newfound knowledge and a call to action from Patty Dumplin to become champions, spreading the message about prostate cancer awareness. The event showcased that tackling critical issues can be both lighthearted and impactful while also honouring the rich history of the Windrush generation.

Join the Movement - Become a Champion:

Orchid's Three-Year Project:

In March 2021, Orchid secured a grant from the National Lottery Community Fund for a three-year project to overcome barriers to engaging with prostate cancer. Launched on May 4, 2021, this initiative runs until May 3, 2024. Discover more about Orchid's work and the ongoing project at the ORCHID WEBSITE

In summary, the Orchid Cancer Appeal event, enriched by Patty Dumplin's infectious energy, celebrated Black History Month by weaving in the personal stories of Windrush generation Champions. It stands as a beacon in the fight against prostate cancer and a heartfelt homage to the remarkable journey of the Windrush generation. Keep the conversation alive, spread awareness, and, as Patty Dumplin says, "Pass the message on!"