Lisa Jackson

Playwright, Actor, Voice Over Artist

Lisa Jackson, also known as mon0lisa, is a versatile artist deeply involved in every aspect of the creative process.

From conception to performance, she serves as a playwright, method actor, and voice-over artist, taking on roles as a writer, director, and producer.

While her heart lies in stage theatre, Lisa's artistic journey prioritises inclusivity, aiming to entertain, inspire, and foster shared understanding.

Beyond her solo ventures, Lisa collaborates with researchers, and organisations, and engages with children, recognising the power of collective storytelling.

Lisa's one-woman plays, performed under the moniker mon0lisa, exemplify her ability to captivate audiences, providing a platform for genuine storytelling and exploration of complex emotions.

Embracing the label of an "accessible artist," Lisa is committed to making her art approachable, recognising the narrative's power to connect people and create shared experiences.

Crafting Engaging Narratives and Characters to Connect Organisations with Impactful Messages. From the beloved fictional Jamaican character Patty Dumplin for the British Heart Foundation.

To her ability to blend theatricality with well-researched information, Lisa holds a unique position in delivering comedy and thought-provoking messages aimed at changing or challenging behaviors.

Awards and Recognition

For commitment to originality, inclusivity, and diversity. Lisa's innovative approach and unique perspective in the industry have set her apart from her peers. Through her art, she has consistently pushed boundaries, challenging conventional norms and championing underrepresented voices. Her ability to seamlessly incorporate diverse themes and perspectives into her work is truly commendable and has made a significant impact on the artistic community.