About:Lisa Jackson

In her multifaceted creative role, Lisa Jackson, also known as mon0lisa, deeply immerses herself in the entire spectrum of artistic expression. From conceiving ideas and intensive research to crafting and performing her one-woman plays, Lisa functions as a playwright, method actor, and voice-over artist, transcending singular roles to orchestrate the complete creative process as a writer, director, and producer.

While Lisa's heart is dedicated to stage theatre, her artistic journey underscores the importance of inclusivity. She has shifted her artistic practice towards creating narratives that are not only entertaining and insightful but also inspire action. Proudly identifying as an accessible artist, Lisa believes that art should be a bridge connecting diverse perspectives and fostering shared understanding.

Beyond her solo endeavours, Lisa collaborates with researchers, academics, public sector organisations, and charities, aiding them in connecting with their audiences. Her work extends into educational settings, where she engages with children and young people. Recognising the power of collective storytelling, she actively participates with local communities, and works with various participants, offering them a platform to inform the creative process and contribute to the authenticity of the narratives.

This collaborative approach enriches the creative process, ensuring that diverse voices, including Lisa's alter ego Mon0lisa, are heard and represented. Lisa's one-woman plays, performed under the moniker mon0lisa, stand as a testament to her ability to captivate audiences through solo performances, providing a platform for authentic storytelling and exploration of complex emotions. Embracing the term "accessible artist," Lisa embodies a commitment to making her art approachable to a broad audience, recognising the power of narrative in connecting people and creating shared experiences.